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Workday Integration

Workday Integration

Drive a High-Performance Culture & Gain Deeper Organizational Insights with Workday Integration

Benefits of Informatica Cloud

Using Informatica Cloud to integrate Workday’s HCM solution with other software as a service (SaaS) applications and corporate reporting databases enables your HR department to truly become a strategic business partner with all the lines of businesses in your company. It also allows HR to have a more collaborative discussion with other departments on their annual operating plans when deciding how to allocate the necessary budget for headcount.

Using Informatica Cloud integration to connect Workday with the rest of your enterprise can benefit you in the following ways:

Human Resources
  • Gain a holistic view of your workforce, and accurately correlate the various compensation and non-compensation related factors associated with higher productivity
  • Prevent burnout and employee attrition by identifying causal factors early on and presenting departmental stakeholders with detailed analysis
  • Ensure work-life balance priorities are not struck down by overzealous department heads, causing absenteeism, loss of morale, and lower work commitment
  • Accurately draft up experience requirements for new headcount by performing statistical analysis on employee experience, education, and function
  • Identify skill shortages ahead of time and initiate succession planning procedures in affected departments
  • Calculate revenue per FTE in a more precise and granular way so as to pinpoint and retain high-value employees and manage out underperforming workers
IT Operations
  • Respond faster to requests from the HR department for analytics around employee productivity
  • Speed up your data warehousing procedures when merging data from Workday with multiple systems

Informatica Cloud Use Cases for Workday

Workday & Concur Integration Demo

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