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Web Services Integration

Web Services Integration with Informatica Cloud

Informatica Cloud’s web services integration provides advanced integration functionality to developers and enterprise architects. Because Informatica Cloud is a multi-tenant cloud-based integration-a-service, it enables all departments within your company to convert raw data into information by shortening the amount of time it takes to develop, distribute, and execute integration workflows. It also allows for web services integration between cloud and on-premise applications for inter-departmental business processes.

Informatica Cloud web services integration allows you to connect unrelated applications dynamically through SOAP or REST, in a loosely coupled manner. As a result, all departments within your company can collaborate effectively by having access to the right data at the right time.

Web services integration can accomplish a range of use cases:

  • Enable your application to access custom functions by simply providing the URL location of the web service as well as its WSDL
  • Access complex operations contained within each function and connect them seamlessly with native applications
  • Interface with legacy and proprietary systems through SOAP and ensure that important data is transported out
  • Leverage APIs from web applications and deploy the desired resources in a RESTful manner for your integration
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