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Informatica Cloud Express

Pay-as-you-go Integration and Contact Validation Service

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Informatica Cloud Express
Informatica Cloud Express is the most flexible, economical, and easiest way to integrate enterprise data with your CRM. A usage-based approach to integration and contact validation, with no annual contract needed.

Informatica Cloud Express

In December 2010, Informatica Cloud released a new pay-per-use pricing model for its popular data loading service. Express Data Sync starts at $99 USD and goes up based on the number of records that you move every month. Easily integrate databases and files with Salesforce CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In December 2011, Informatica Cloud Winter 2012 Release introduced a new service, Contact Validation, which enables users to verify contact data. Contact Validation is available in Express’ usage-based billing platform with no annual contract.

More information on Informatica Cloud Express Data Sync and Contact Validation is available here.

Why Informatica Cloud Express?

Informatica Cloud Express opens the door for organizations of all sizes to leverage the industry-leading data integration capabilities of Informatica Cloud – "voted the Best Integration Application of 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 by salesforce.com customers on Appexchange." As industry analyst and author David Linthicum put it:

"This is a wonderful model considering that, while some enterprises do gigs a day in information flowing between on-premise and cloud-based systems, many operate with a much lighter data integration load. In the past, neither customer had the pay-as-you-go option."

"Informatica Cloud Express was the best means for us to get started with Salesforce CRM data loading. It took less than five minutes for us to run a data integration task from our SQL 2008 to Salesforce CRM."
-Mauricio Farias, IT, sales, and marketing director, ClaireConference/Bizcel.

How does Express usage-based billing work?

Express has no annual contract and is credit card only. Credit cards will be charged at the end of the month and the usage fee will be determined by the number of rows that Informatica Cloud has processed that month. Please refer to the Express Billing FAQ for more information.

How do I get Informatica Cloud Express?

Here are two step-by-step guides to Subscribing to Informatica Cloud Express Data Synchronization and Express Contact Validation. Simply click on BUY NOW! when you log into the Informatica Cloud application.

Have questions about Express billing? Want to find out about changes to the Data Loader Service?
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