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Google BigQuery

Informatica Cloud Connector for Google Cloud Storage and for Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery

To help customers get the most out of our cloud platform products we work closely with technology companies like Informatica, that provide powerful complementary solutions integrated with our platform"
- Eric Morse, Head of Sales and Business Development, for Google's Cloud Platform

Data Loading and On-Going Data synchronization Enables Real-Time and Complete Analytics

The Google Cloud Platform Partner Program enables Informatica to provide our customers with powerful new solutions for cloud data integration that leverage the power of the Google Cloud Platform. It offers a broad set of cloud storage, large scale computing, and big data capabilities that provides our joint customers with a quick and easy way to securely bring together on-premise and cloud data to perform big data analytics in the cloud. There’s simply no faster way to start performing big data analytics in the cloud today.

Informatica Cloud Connector for Google Cloud delivers:

  • Secure Data Transfer – The new Google Cloud Connector extends Informatica Cloud’s near universal connectivity to enable users to securely move cloud-based and on-premise data in databases, data warehouses and applications to and from Google Cloud. The connector provides a solution for both initial data loading and on-going data synchronization to enable real-time and complete analytics.
  • High Performance and Scalability – The new Google Cloud Connector takes advantage of Informatica’s proven and highly parallelized, scalable data integration technology to efficiently move very large volumes of data to the Google Cloud.
  • Complete Cloud Solution – Informatica Cloud is available as a subscription and runs as a multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.
  • Simplified Integration – Informatica Cloud’s wizard-based user interface makes it easy for enterprise users including data scientists, business analysts and developers set up and schedule data integration tasks.
  • Easy Embeddability – Informatica Cloud iPaaS features, such as REST APIs, Cloud Connector Toolkit, and Integration Templates, allow developers to rapidly embed market-leading integration capabilities into cloud and on-premise applications, including those written on Google AppEngine and other PaaS offerings.


The Informatica Cloud Connector for Google Cloud Storage and for Google BigQuery is available now as part of the Informatica Cloud Developer Edition early access program with general availability in Q3 2012.

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