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Data Monitoring

Improve Salesforce CRM Adoption with
High Quality Data

Data Monitoring

Improve Cloud Application Adoption by Monitoring and Detecting Inaccurate Records

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Your company's customer, product, opportunity and sales lead data are critical corporate assets; however, the quality of those assets may not be at the level they need to be. Informatica Cloud can help. Informatica Cloud Data Profiling Service is specifically designed to put control of data quality processes into the hands of business information owners, such as Salesforce administrators and business analysts. A complete Data Quality program combines powerful data analysis, cleansing, matching, reporting, and monitoring to ensure the ongoing integrity of your CRM data.

While most organizations care about the quality of their data, CRM systems have been an inherent weak link in overall data quality, partially due to manual data entry and the wide variety of data import sources, formats and content. Without a well run Data Quality program, that duplicate, incomplete and inconsistent data can quickly find its way into the core operational systems that are the lifeblood of your business.

Informatica Data Profiling Service for Salesforce Benefits:

  • Assure consistency and accuracy of CRM data
  • Identify duplicate, incomplete & inconsistent data
  • Ongoing monitoring to identify and isolate problem areas
  • Automated scheduling of assessment to maintain integrity

The first step in any Data Quality project is to assess the quality of your database.

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