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Account Synchronization

Synchronize Data Between Cloud Apps,
On-Premise Databases and Files

Account Synchronization

Save Time with One Step Account, Contact and Opportunity Synchronization

"By synchronizing our back-office apps with salesforce.com, we knew that Bay & Bay sales teams would have all the timely, relevant, and trustworthy information they needed to drive sales revenues."

- Rob Adams, CIO
Bay and Bay Transportation

  • Losing valuable time manually updating account, contact and opportunity data?
  • Inconsistent data making it impossible to track and report vital information?

One of the biggest frustrations for SaaS administrators is to have different account, contact, and opportunity data for the same companies across various business systems. The task of updating account records across multiple systems requires separate updates for each object (Account, Contact, Opportunity, etc.), which is a huge time sink and can lead to inaccurate, out of date, and incomplete data. This inconsistent data can cause Sales to call the wrong leads and Finance to bill the wrong customers, resulting in a loss of productivity and money.

With Informatica Cloud Services it's never been easier to load Account data, quickly map fields and transform data, associate Contacts with Accounts, and establish bi-directional application synchronization. Whether you're integrating cloud application data with on-premise systems or other cloud-based sources or you're integrating on-premise applications, databases and files, Informatica Cloud is the right choice. Designed to be easy to implement and easy to use, Informatica Cloud has been ranked as the #1 data integration solution by salesforce.com customers for the past four years in a row.

Why Choose Informatica Cloud for Account Synchronization?

1) Designed for Line of Business Users
"I was able set up all the integration with our back-end database without any assistance from the IT team. I'm now able to provide the Exec team with daily metrics in their Salesforce dashboard without having to lift a finger."

  • Step by step wizard simplifies data loading and extraction, application synchronization, and replication tasks.
  • Web-based administration, monitoring and auditing make it easy for non-technical users to easily manage data integration between systems.
  • Broad application, file and database endpoint support.

2) True SaaS Integration
"Installation took 5-10 minutes. Documentation is good also, and totally online. The sales and purchase process was very smooth, professional, and timely. Overall, I'm a delighted customer to-date."

  • Multi-tenant integration and service means no software, no hardware and seamless upgrades.
  • High-performance, bi-directional communication across the firewall between on-premise and cloud applications without staging data.
  • On-going certification and auditing: SAS 70-II, Symantec, SecureWorks.

3) Proven Customer Success
"Informatica's focus on customer success and innovative technology has earned them the top spot for data integration on the AppExchange."

More than 500 companies, including: ADP Inc. Dealer Services Group, BAX Global, BDB Payroll, Delta Dental of Michigan, Dolby, Genentech, Janus Capital Management, Kaiser Permanente, McGraw Hill, Morgan Stanley, Plantronics, Qualcomm, Telegraph Media Group, and Toshiba America Business Solutions are now relying upon the Informatica Cloud to integrate SaaS applications with on-premise databases, files, and enterprise applications.

Whether you're migrating accounts from a legacy CRM system to Salesforce, uploading account, customer and contact records from your Accounting or ERP systems, or importing sales leads and shipping records, Informatica Cloud Services are designed to meet your needs.

Next Steps:

Learn more about Informatica Cloud Endpoints and Plug-ins and be sure to visit the Informatica Marketplace.