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Single Customer View

Identify your most valuable customers and upsell and cross sell more effectively

A Single Customer View

"The single view that Informatica Cloud MDM delivers allows us to cross-sell and up-sell more effectively by seeing at a glance what we’re doing for our clients and more importantly what we’re not doing for them."


Trust in your data, and your customers will trust in you. There are many ways to talk about the benefits of achieving a single customer view. More and more businesses are investing in the collection of customer data, either within a CRM application like Salesforce®, or a vast array of ERP systems, to achieve of a single customer view. But these investments often don’t meet expectations (or simply fail) when they fail to connect the data they collate into a single, consolidated master record.

A Marketing Director without a single customer view can find it nearly impossible to get the right segmentation of data to plan future campaigns or track campaign effectiveness. A Sales Rep that does not have a single customer view to see what he or she has bought, where issues have arisen and what is missing for his or her key accounts. This makes it very difficult for the Sales Rep to plan his or her next move.

Without visibility into a single customer view of all sales, marketing, customer service and all enterprise data, how will you know what’s working, what’s not and how you’re going to improve?

Benefits of a Single View

A single customer view will allow you to upsell and cross sell more effectively thus unlocking the low hanging fruit of revenue you could not achieve without it.

A single customer view will not only produce a valuable ROI due to improved sales; it will also sharpen your customer service capabilities and marketing performance monitoring. A customer service team with a single customer view can proactively resolve cases and propose solutions, while the marketing department can track and measure campaign performance to become an even more valuable part of your business.

Informatica Cloud Data Management solution

Informatica Cloud offers a comprehensive and extensible suite of cloud integration and data quality solutions that automate cleansing, integrating, and consolidating data from external systems to provide a trusted, single customer view.

Easy-to-Use Cloud Data Integration Applications

Informatica Cloud delivers purpose-built cloud data integration applications that allow all users, both technical and non-technical, to integrate data across cloud-based applications, on-premise systems, and databases. Informatica Cloud integration addresses specific business processes (customer/product master synchronization, opportunity-to-order, etc.) and point-to-point data connectivity requirements (e.g., Salesforce.com to on-premise or cloud-to-cloud applications) to improve CRM adoption.
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Address and Contact Validation

Informatica Cloud Contact Validation verifies and corrects postal addresses from over 240 countries and territories. It also incorporates email validation and can check phone numbers against the National Do Not Call Registry in the United States. By standardizing data, users can trust that it is valid and actionable, which results in higher CRM adoption.
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Cloud Master Data Management

Increase the value of your Salesforce CRM investment with better lead conversion, customer targeting, cross-sell outcomes, and CRM adoption. Informatica Cloud MDM is a native Force.com solution, which is fully integrated with Salesforce and deployed in the cloud. It does not require installation of additional hardware or software.
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