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SaaS Integration

Key to realizing the full potential of your cloud investment

SaaS Integration

With the proliferation of cloud-based applications, platforms and infrastructure, the potential for data fragmentation and disconnected data silos has grown exponentially. Cloud applications are not only designed to be easy to use, they’re also generally much more agile and dynamic than their on-premise counterparts. Whenever the API of a SaaS application is upgraded to a newer version, which is typically 2-3 times per year, any additional referential integrity rules must be automatically incorporated into the newer API so that existing integration processes don’t break. As a result, SaaS integration is the key to realizing the full potential of your cloud investment. Without the ability to integrate your data in the cloud with your on-premise applications and databases, you create data silos and inefficiencies that can all but wipe out the benefits of the cloud.

Built from the ground up to be a multitenant SaaS integration solution, with Informatica Cloud organizations can quickly and cost-effectively get up and running and benefit from a rapid pace of cloud integration innovation and automatic upgrades. Informatica Cloud delivers a set of focused SaaS integration applications that address the primary cloud integration challenges: data migration, application synchronization, data cleansing and data replication. These purpose-built SaaS integration applications allow business users and developers alike to integrate data across cloud-based applications and on-premise systems, social sources and databases.

Data Loader

Informatica Cloud Data Loader is a free solution that automates the loading and extraction of data between Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or NetSuite and any database or file.

Data Synchronization

Informatica Cloud Data Synchronization delivers advanced scheduling to automate complex multistep integrations, and powerful enterprise functionality such as fine-grained access controls, delegated administration.

Data Replication

Informatica Cloud Data Replication automates the back-up of data of cloud-based applications to on-premise databases, or files. With Informatica Cloud, you can set up data replication to run every few minutes and leverage your in-house business intelligence tools for enterprise reporting requirements.

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