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Cloud Data Masking

Secure sensitive or confidential data in nonproduction systems

Cloud Data Masking

Informatica Cloud Data Masking is designed to allow you to simplify the process of minimizing the risk of potential test data breaches. Now available, this wizard-based cloud integration application uses pre-built, flexible data masking rules that ensure data character pattern preservation. Whether you’re running Salesforce® CRM and Force.com sandboxes, working with other cloud-based applications or simply doing on-premise test data masking, with Informatica Cloud you can reduce the risk of data breaches and support data privacy compliance mandates.


  • 100% software as a service (SaaS) deployment
  • Wizard driven, web-based interface
  • Pre-built masking techniques that map to the type of data in your records
  • Masking rules support regulations and specific industries (e.g. masking credit card number and personally identifiable information)
  • Masking administrative responsibility can be defined by per geography, project or area