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Cloud Test Data Management

Create secure, test data sets while protecting sensitive or confidential data in nonproduction systems.

Cloud Test Data Management

Cloud applications and platforms offer cost savings and increased agility – yet when complete copies of production are made to create test environments, you add back in cost and inefficiencies and could be introducing risk of a data breach. Many different types of users from contractors to testers and developers have access to these environments. For example, during test runs or training sessions, can you ensure that your cloud application administrators and developers do not accidentally send emails to customers, or even to internal employees, that not only cause confusion but inadvertently release confidential information?

Putting aside the impact of negative publicity, the Ponemon Institute, the leading privacy and data protection research group, found that the average cost of a data breach was $194 per record or $5.5 million per company in 2011.

Informatica Cloud Test Data Management is designed to allow you to minimize the risk of potential test data breaches while delivering significant cost avoidance with integrated test data subset capabilities. Now available, this wizard-based cloud integration application uses pre-built, flexible data subset filtering and data masking rules based on market-leading Informatica test data creation and data masking technology. Whether you're running Salesforce CRM and Force.com sandboxes, working with other cloud-based applications or simply doing on-premise testing, with Informatica Cloud you can:

  • Reduce the risk of data breaches and support data privacy compliance mandates
  • Reduce the cost and development time to create and protect sandbox data by 50%
  • Improve application quality with the industry's leading Pattern Preservation to create realistic and secure test data


  • 100% software as a service (SaaS) deployment
  • Wizard driven, web-based interface
  • Simple to complex test data filtering and pre-built masking techniques to preserve data patterns in sandboxes
  • Masking rules support regulations and specific industries (e.g. masking credit card number and personally identifiable information)
  • Masking administrative responsibility can be defined by per geography, project or area

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