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Goldmine - SFDC Migration

Now You Can Migrate Your Goldmine CRM data to Salesforce CRM

Salesforce Migration

Now You Can Migrate Your Goldmine CRM data to Salesforce CRM

While setting up a Salesforce CRM system is relatively quick and straightforward, getting all of your existing account, contact and history information from your old Goldmine CRM system into Salesforce isn't. Pulling data from a proprietary, closed system like Goldmine may seem overwhelming, but with the right tools and a simple set of instructions you can avoid the challenge of manually reentering mounds of data into Salesforce. After all, a successful data migration can make all the difference in the successful adoption of your new Salesforce CRM system.

To minimize the risk and eliminate data entry errors inherent in data migration projects, we have put together a simple 6 step process that both provides the tools and instructions you'll need to streamline your Goldmine to Salesforce migration. In a matter of a few hours you'll have extracted, transformed and loaded your Goldmine account, contact and history data into Salesforce. It couldn't be easier!

Straightforward 6 Step Goldmine to Salesforce migration:

  • Download the Informatica Goldmine Extraction tool
  • Extract your contact, account and history records
  • Set up the import, mapping and upload integration task in the Data Synchronization Service
  • Run the integration jobs
  • Enjoy your new Salesforce CRM system now populated with your old Goldmine data!

Get started now and you'll be on your way to migrating your Goldmine data in no time.

Visit the Informatica Cloud Marketplace for more information on pre-built connectivity to Goldmine.

To speak with one of our Data Integration Specialists about your specific needs please either call (888) 345 4639 or fill out a contact request form. We're looking forward to helping you with your Salesforce Integration needs.

Learn more about Informatica Cloud Endpoints and Plug-ins and be sure to visit the Informatica Marketplace.

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