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ACORD Insurance Gateway

Integrate ACORD Data
with Informatica Cloud Enterprise

Integrate ACORD data with Your Cloud-based Agent Salesforce CRM

Insurance carrier performance is increasingly dependent on the ability of agents and carriers to share information in Real-Time. It is essential that your distribution partners be able to retrieve and deliver vital information on customers, leads, policies, and claims that is stored in your back office systems and data stores.

The Informatica-Salesforce Real-Time Insurance Gateway combines Informatica's market-leading data integration platform and Salesforce.com's award-winning CRM solutions to help carriers share data more
effectively, efficiently and in Real-Time with partners in the Cloud. And the best part is that it reduces data transformation and exchange costs by more than 50%!

Key ACORD Insurance Gateway feature benefits include:

  • Integrates data bi-directionally between carriers and their agents
  • Support for all industry standards including ACORD
  • Data is accessed, validated and transformed from any backend system, application or legacy data source
  • Enables a common data model based on ACORD across all enterprise data sources
  • Natively supports ACORD XML - enables easy adaptation to new ACORD standards as they emerge
  • Supports legacy insurance formats including AL3 in various versions
  • Optimized to support large ACORD structures and large data sets for superior performance
  • Highly scalable to keep pace with expanding distribution environments

Integrating ACORD data sources with Salesforce is something Informatica excels at. To learn more about the Insurance Gateway follow this link. And to speak with someone about your specific needs please contact your Data Integration Specialist at (888) 345 4639.

Learn more about Informatica Cloud Endpoints and Plug-ins and be sure to visit the Informatica Marketplace.

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