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Cloud Data Replication

Better Business Intelligence, Back-Up and Compliance

Replicate Data

Data Replication for Better Reporting and Compliance

Informatica Cloud Data Replication provides a simple, intuitive way to replicate cloud application data, such as Salesforce®, regardless of data volumes, or how often the application data has changed – all through an intuitive web-based interface. Most organizations with large deployments of cloud applications have persistent compliance and operational reporting issues because core data no longer exists on-premise, but instead resides in various cloud applications. Replicating relevant cloud application information and manipulating the data so that it’s in the right order and format greatly speeds up your core reporting, compliance, and business intelligence processes.

  • Archive data and ensure that your organization is in compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, the Sunshine Act, the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act, and others
  • Speed up your reporting processes by efficient replication into your data warehouse for business intelligence purposes


  • Replicate all Salesforce data, including any custom objects or fields, into your data warehouse for reporting and business intelligence
  • Rapidly archive your Salesforce data to comply with existing regulations and internal corporate governance policies with data replication
  • Support for a variety of databases including SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2, and Oracle
  • Automatically detect schema changes in Salesforce and reflect those changes in your target database schema
  • Save time by making use of changed data capture functionality to ensure that only Salesforce data that has changed since the last replication job gets extracted into the data warehouse
  • Benefit from Informatica Cloud’s trusted performance, and replicate hundreds of millions of rows with ease

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