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Architecture and Security

Informatica Cloud Architecture and Security

Cloud Architecture and Security

Multitenant and on-demand, Informatica Cloud metadata repository is hosted and managed by Informatica in a designated third-party, secure data center which is independently audited to be SSAE-16 compliant. Engineered with paramount concern for your data integrity and data security, Informatica Cloud is designed for minimal intrusion into your system.

The Informatica Cloud Secure Agent

Informatica Cloud Secure Agent is a lightweight program that enables secure communication across the firewall between your organization, end points, and Informatica Cloud. All Informatica Cloud services, except the Data Quality Assessment for Salesforce® CRM, use the Informatica Cloud Secure Agent to get through the firewall to access application, relational database and file sources and targets in your local area network. Data is not staged in Informatica Cloud. Instead, a direct connection is established between the Secure Agent and your cloud-based applications. Informatica Cloud can also be used for bi-directional data integration between on-premise source and target end points. (Read about this use case here.)

This architecture explains why more and more organizations are using Informatica Cloud to integrate non-cloud based data.

Delegated Administration

  • Easily provision and centrally manage multiple Informatica Cloud tenants, whether you’re managing multiple production and sandbox accounts, managing users involved in different projects at the same organization, or a partner managing integrations for your customer
  • Gain better insight into cloud integration projects across multiple business units and/or departments and pinpoint areas for potential improvement
  • Complete projects faster by provisioning and assigning new cloud integration resources immediately

Fine-grained Access Controls

  • Easily create different groups for all types of users that are involved in your integration project – from developers to system architects to IT Operations
  • Utilize enterprise-class access controls to establish permissions for these different groups and have greater governance and control over your integration processes
  • Adjust permissions at even the most granular level by allowing/restricting access to the various Informatica Cloud integration tasks, schedules, and objects
  • Define blackout periods during which no integration, replication or data quality jobs will run to simplifying the management of upgrades


  • Deploy real-time integration of on-premise and cloud applications faster through full-featured REST APIs
  • Programmatically launch pre-defined cloud integration tasks from external sources for event-based real-time use cases
  • Easily extend Informatica Cloud’s management console capabilities to daisy-chain integration task flows and monitor job activity


  • Quickly copy over data integration tasks from a production account into a sandbox account for further development and testing
  • Transfer successfully tested tasks into production accounts within your own Informatica Cloud org as well as other instances of Informatica Cloud within your organization

Trust Site


  • Read this whitepaper for details about Informatica Cloud architecture and security
  • Compliant with SSAE 16, ISO27001, PCI and Salesforce.com AppExchange certifications
  • Uses standard 128-bit SSL Internet security when processing data integration jobs, and disable all unnecessary ports and services
  • All operating systems, servers, routers, firewalls and databases patched with the most current security releases
  • Database servers are not accessible through the public Internet
  • Network segmentation through firewalls is performed to ensure infrastructure access security
  • Load balancer and firewall policies limit the type of access allowed to each of these network segments
  • Options for storing connection credentials (e.g., username, password, security token, etc.) on-premise, behind the firewall or in the cloud

Mobile Administration

  • Use your iOS, or Android device to securely check the status of your integration jobs or monitor Informatica Cloud usage
  • Troubleshoot and schedule data integration tasks on the fly

PowerCenter Interoperability

  • Learn more about how to extend Informatica PowerCenter with cloud integration
  • Effortlessly publish custom cloud data integration tasks or advanced workflows developed in PowerCenter to Informatica Cloud for a hybrid deployment
  • Increase collaboration between Line of Business and IT on integration projects and move towards the next-generation integration competency center (ICC)

Informatica Cloud Security Certification

All Informatica Cloud connections use standard Internet security: VeriSign 128-bit SSL Certification V3. Security is backed up by the following on-going certification and auditing:

  1. Semi-annual SSAE 16 certification report prepared by Ernst & Young
  2. Annual Salesforce.com partner security assessment via Symantec that ensures technical, operational and management are adhering to Salesforce security team requirement
  3. Annual application black box/white box assessment and network penetration test by independent Internet security vendor, SecureWorks

Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready Cloud Services Rating

Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready cloud services fully satisfy the most stringent requirements for data protection, identity verification, service security, business practices, and legal protection.

For more details on Informatica Cloud security, please visit http://trust.informaticacloud.com/security.

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