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Oracle CRM On Demand Integration

Oracle CRM On Demand Integration with Informatica Cloud

Informatica Cloud for Oracle CRM On Demand provides secure self-service cloud integration for CRM administrators, business analysts and IT project managers, and advanced software as a service (SaaS) integration functionality for developers, database administrators, and enterprise architects. Oracle CRM On Demand is a multi-tenant integration-as-a-service solution that enables your sales, marketing, and service departments to rapidly access the trusted information they need directly within the Oracle CRM On Demand environment. With Informatica Cloud, integration is as easy as point, click and connect. Built on the market-leading data integration platform, developers can take advantage of powerful integration platform as service (iPaaS) capabilities and shorten the amount of time it takes to develop, distribute, and execute cloud integration workflows. Rapidly integrate Oracle CRM On Demand with your cloud and on-premise applications, databases, files and social media sources and accelerate CRM adoption with powerful cloud integration.

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Using Informatica Cloud to integrate Oracle CRM On Demand with your ERP applications, other SaaS applications, and corporate reporting databases enables all departments within your company to access the right data at the right time. As a result, your marketing department can automate lead flows into Oracle CRM On Demand, your sales reps can focus on higher value opportunities, and your customer service personnel will have an instantaneous view of every support cases.

Oracle CRM On Demand cloud integration uses cases include:

  • Optimize your opportunity-to-order process by ensuring that closed opportunities flow into your ERP system(s) in real-time to kick-start the ordering and fulfillment process
  • Get a single view of your customer by viewing previous order history and be better positioned for an upsell strategy
  • Improve sales forecasting accuracy by building dashboards and KPIs with the right information
  • Enable customer service reps to view accurate billing, product, and warranty information about customers and increase satisfaction, retention, and loyalty
  • Deliver higher quality leads into Oracle CRM On Demand to improve conversion rates and campaign ROI
  • Implement comprehensive revenue-cycle models and predict pipeline strength ahead of time

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