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Automated Cleansing & Standardization so your data is always clean & complete

Informatica Cloud MDM gives you the tools you need to automatically keep your data in tip top condition.

  • Standardize Data: In any field: addresses, postcodes – anything
  • Processes: Are run more efficiently because the data is cleansed

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De-duplication of existing data to get you on your way to a clean Salesforce

A typical Salesforce environment has on average up to 10% duplicates, these are either obvious matches or can even vary in Name. Informatica Cloud MDM gives you the ability to find, flag and merge these duplicates flexibly all by never leaving your Salesforce environment.

  • Flag Duplicates: Notify end users of duplicate records
  • Manual/ Auto Merge: Flexibility to choose to auto merge records or leave it to manual merge by end user
  • No Loss Merge: Made a mistake? Not a problem as your data is never lost
  • Native Force.com: Manage duplicates from within Salesforce, your data never has to leave it’s environment

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Point of Entry Duplicate Prevention

Real time Point Of Entry duplicate prevention

Informatica Cloud MDM real-time point of entry tools find match & enforce your business rules intelligently. Don't be fooled by inferior point of entry tools that rely on exact searches to identify duplicates.

  • Point Of Entry: Ensure clean data right from the start
  • Fuzzy Logic Based: De-duplication is only 10% effective without it
  • Enhanced Wizards: Help users to help themselves

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Fuzzy Matching

Fuzzy Matching so you can find your data wherever it is

On average less than 10% of duplicates or related information in a CRM can be matched on Name alone. Informatica Cloud MDM makes it easy to find the data that manual searches or conventional data quality tools will miss.

  • Fuzzy Logic: Salesforce.com can think like a human & find all matching data
  • Fully Configurable: Tweak & Train the engine to match your business rules
  • State of the art Algorithm: We've incorporated the latest innovations in probabilistic search
  • Option to use Salesforce Native Algorithm

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