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Marketo Integration

Marketo Integration

Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline with Marketo Integration

Benefits of Informatica Cloud

Using Informatica Cloud to integrate Marketo’s marketing automation solution with your salesforce®.com deployment, other CRM and software as a service (SaaS) applications, as well as corporate reporting databases enables your Marketing department to truly drive the top of the funnel for Sales with high quality leads. It also allows Marketing to have a more collaborative discussion with Finance and other departments to secure the necessary budget for campaign initiatives.

Using Informatica Cloud integration and master data management (MDM) to connect Marketo with the rest of your enterprise can benefit these departments in your company:

  • Upload your leads into Marketo immediately after attending tradeshows or events and begin executing campaigns
  • Achieve better lead nurturing by archiving low-value leads and replacing them with fresher leads
  • Implement comprehensive revenue-cycle models and predict pipeline strength ahead of time
  • Perform thorough closed-loop campaign analytics and justify your need for additional budget to the Finance department
  • Improve your B2B demand generation by integrating social connectors for LinkedIn and Twitter into your email and web marketing campaigns
  • Target the right buyer by using Marketo’s Time-Series Analytics together with robust clustering statistical analysis tools
  • Add value to the Marketo workflow engine by delivering better sales intelligence about existing customers in Salesforce
IT Operations
  • Respond faster to requests from the marketing department for analytics around marketing spend and ROI
  • Speed up your data synchronization procedures with other ancillary applications when using Marketo as the marketing system of record

Informatica Cloud Use Cases for Marketo

  • Achieve faster data loading of new leads into Marketo from databases and flat-files
  • Perform data replication of Marketo leads quickly for archiving, backup, and analytics purposes
  • Synchronize your Marketo leads’ social profiles in order to obtain better lead scoring

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