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Informatica Cloud iPaaS Platform

Write Code that Matters

Whether you're developing an app, or developing integrations, Informatica Cloud gives you the best out-of-the-box connectivity to popular SaaS and on-premise applications. Informatica Cloud also allows you to use popular data formats such as JSON, and OData, as well as older B2B, XML, and SOAP web services protocols. The faster it is for your customers to get their data into your application, the more time you have to devote to the highest-value functionality for your customers.

Unified Data and Application Integration

The only iPaaS solution on a single platform that offers both data integration for bulk uploads, and application integration for real-time use cases, Informatica Cloud solves a variety of use cases, be it cloud data warehousing for analytics, or inter-cloud business processes such as Opportunity-to-Order, Lead-to-Opp Sync, and Customer Master Data Sync, to name a few.

Data Sync

Bi-directionally synchronize all key objects from your cloud and on-premise applications through an intuitive web-based interface.

Data Replication

Replicate your cloud application data, regardless of data volumes, or how often the application data has changed and speed up your core reporting, compliance, and business intelligence processes.

Process Automation

Complex business processes such as discount approval, order to cash, or service call resolution often require a sequence of real-time data calls. Informatica Cloud's stateful process automation service manages the context and business rules for you, so you don't have to.

Test Data Management

Minimize the risk of potential test data breaches while delivering significant cost avoidance with integrated test data subset capabilities. Using pre-built flexible data subset filtering and data masking rules reduce the cost and development time to create and protect sandbox data by 50%.

Cloud Data Quality

Run processes more efficiently with standardization on country ISO codes, prevent duplicates at entry, and track and merge existing duplicates all using customizable probabilistic fuzzy matching.

Data Management

Use up to date and error free data to build business analysis, report on white space and increase ROI. Map relationships with customers, prospects, partners and suppliers through advanced reporting and gain a holistic view of your business across products, regions, territories and back office systems


Connect to complex XML data sources, industry formats such as SWIFT, HL7, and EDI, and unstructured documents

Bulk and Real-time Integration

Enable business processes spanning different cloud and on-premises applications by integrating live operational data in real time. Deliver business data in context to the right user, at the right time across any device and make your business more agile and efficient.

Unlimited Connectivity

Connect to over 100+ applications, data standards, and databases natively, and securely without having to write custom code

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Native connectivity to over 100+ applications

Complete API Framework

Use the most comprehensive API framework to define, create, and consume APIs for both batch, and real-time integration needs. Also utilize Informatica Cloud's REST APIs to embed integration functionality directly into your app's UI, and abstract away integration complexity to your end users.

Complete REST API Framework

Robust Cloud Security

Standard 128-bit SSL Internet security is used when processing integration jobs, and all unnecessary ports and services are disabled. All operating systems, servers, routers, firewalls and databases are patched with the most current security releases, and database servers are not accessible through the public Internet. In addition, network segmentation through firewalls is performed to ensure infrastructure access security, while load balancer and firewall policies limit the type of access allowed to each of these network segments. Compliance with SSAE-16, ISO-27001, PCI, and Salesforce.com AppExchange certifications is maintained.

Robust Cloud Security for iPaaS