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Solutions For Enterprise IT Integration Competency Center (ICC)

Informatica Cloud for Your
Integration Competency Center (ICC)

Struggling with “SaaS Sprawl”? Want to improve alignment between line of business and IT? Extend your investment in our market-leading platform by deploying self-service cloud-based data integration and data quality to departments and divisions while retaining centralized IT governance and control.

Balancing SaaS Integration Agility with IT Control

  • Empower more resources to manage data integration projects as part of your Integration Competency Center (ICC) or Center of Excellence (COE)
  • Enable faster development cycles/"scrum" style integration development
  • Eliminate rogue tools and maximize the ROI of your Informatica investment

Multi-tenant and on demand, with Informatica Cloud, administrators can identify whether mappings were executed, if there was an error file, and what the run times were. Global collaboration will reduce development costs, leverage best practices, and enable you to deploy new integration projects faster.
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Lean Principles in Action: A Cloud Integration Reference Model

In order to build the next generation integration Center of Excellence (CoE), it is imperative that you have the right integration platform components to achieve the eventual goal of "Lean Integration." Lean Integration is a concept that mirrors the "just-in-time" (JIT) manufacturing principles of the automotive industry. With JIT manufacturing, the necessary components to assemble a car are sourced throughout the supply chain and brought onto the factory floor just before they are needed thus minimizing the amount of time a worker has to wait for the necessary part. Lean Integration transforms organizational processes and relies on leading-edge technology for automation and reuse to systematically reduce costs and accelerate delivery. The objectives of cloud application integration are one and the same as Lean Integration:

  • Eliminate waste
  • Increase value for end-user customers
  • Drive continuous improvement

Here is a cloud integration reference architecture that follows the Lean Integration model:

custom Integration App Store, Developer, Partner Ecosystem

For more information, download the whitepaper: Cloud Integration for Hybrid IT: Balancing Business Self-Service and IT Control.

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