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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Microsoft Dynamics Integration with Informatica Cloud

Informatica Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics integration provides secure self-service cloud integration for business analysts and IT project managers, and advanced software as a service (SaaS) integration functionality to developers, database administrators, and enterprise architects. Informatica Cloud is a multi-tenant integration-as-a-service solution that enables all departments within your organization to convert raw data into information and shorten the amount of time it takes to develop, distribute, and execute cloud integration workflows. Rapidly accomplish virtually any Microsoft Dynamics integration scenario with other cloud and on-premise applications, databases, files and social media sources. Accelerate CRM adoption and cloud application ROI with easy to use yet powerful cloud integration by ensuring that you can integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Using Informatica Cloud to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM, AX, or GP with other SaaS or on-premise applications, and corporate reporting databases enables all departments within your company to access the right data at the right time.

Microsoft Dynamics integration uses cases include:

  • Optimize your opportunity-to-order-to-cash process by synchronizing opportunities in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system with orders in Microsoft Dynamics AX or GP in real-time
  • Get a single view of customer, product and pricing master data in both your Microsoft Dynamics CRM as well as Microsoft Dynamics AX or GP environments
  • Fulfill orders in a timely manner and ensure that customers, sales reps, and operations are all on the same page
  • Quote correct list prices to customers by having the most up-to-date prices from your Microsoft Dynamics AX or GP deployment flow into your Dynamics CRM application in real-time
  • Enable customer service reps to view accurate billing, product, and warranty information about customers
  • Maintain data integrity when building dashboards and KPIs for executives
  • Optimize business processes for heavily operations-oriented and workflow-centric industries
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