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This video provides an overview of how TransUnion is getting more from their Salesforce.com CRM investment thanks to the Informatica Cloud.

  • Migrate and Synchronize Data Without Affecting Legacy Systems
    Mark Kendall, Chipworks (1:50)
  • Validate and Cleanse Data in Days
    Darrell Deveaux, HealthDetail (2:57)

Customer Testimonials

Some of our biggest fans are our existing customers. Below are a few recent customer reviews that were posted on the Force.com AppExchange about their experiences with the Informatica Cloud for Salesforce integration. Read for yourself how easy to use the purpose-built Cloud Services are and how productive you'll be when you move up to true data integration in the cloud.

Data Synchronization

The Ease of Systems Talking
"The Data Synchronization tool again is easy to use, a simple step up from the Data Loader and has all the functions to allow us to send data to and from Salesforce."

Informatica Liberated Me!
"I set up the integration with our SQL database in less than 30 minutes without any assistance from our IT team...saves me hours of time downloading the raw data I need from Salesforce for offline reporting and also writing back to Salesforce is now easier than ever before. I automated updating several custom objects in Salesforce....we can now extract leads from Salesforce for our different campaigns based on complex rules which I created in our SQL database. Overall I am very happy with this tool."

After 5 Years, FINALLY a Solution!!!
"We have been searching for a solution to one issue since we purchased salesforce; the ability to load leads from multiple campaigns into salesforce in bulk versus an individual load for each campaign. We receive thousands of leads per month and the amount of time spent on manually loading leads...one campaign at a time... was almost a full time job. Finally with Informatica's help we were finally able to do this! We have been using the service for a few months now, and we have probably saved about 80 hours a month by being able to do this bulk loading."

Informatica Data Synchronization is Great!
"I was able set up all the integration with our back-end database without any assistance from the IT team. I'm now able to provide the Exec team with daily metrics in their Salesforce dashboard without having to lift a finger. It saves me hours of time every week and makes me look like a hero. Great product."
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Data Replication

Great Product
"This is a great product. It was up and running in less then 10 minutes, after I did the download. If you haven't tried it you're missing out. Great work on this product."

Fast and Easy to Use
"I had a backup of our entire Salesforce database replicated to SQL server in less than an hour from signing up!"

Getting Data Out of Salesforce.com Just Got Easy!
"The solution takes minutes to setup and even a non-technical person like me can use it. Its completely menu driven... NO PROGRAMMING!!!"

Learn about how Telegraph Media Group used Informatica Cloud's Data Replication Service to handle its subscriptions.
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Data Loading

Just Amazing!
You can get up and running in minutes. The guys at Informatica have put together a truly user friendly, easy to understand package.

Invaluable to a successful migration...and ongoing maintenance
I found it easy to learn, well-featured, and fast. Examples: it loaded 15,000 Notes records from a CSV file in 2 minutes. It completed a complete archival extract of a 30,000 contact, 15,000 account, 5,000 opportunity Salesforce database (186,000 total records) in 20 minutes. It extracts my 30,000 contact records in about 90 seconds.

Given the rather weak bulk data management capabilities in Salesforce Professional, Informatica Data Loader will be invaluable to my ongoing administration of the system.

Tried many, this one does it all!!
I have reviewed and tried several migration methods to move data from GoldMine to Salesforce. Informatica Data Loader is the one I have recommended to my customers and we will use it to migrate from Goldmine this month. The interface is very straightforward with the ability to plug in transformation formulas as well as the lookup feature. (For example, look up a username from the source to the Salesforce Users and pull down the User ID to plug into the OwnerID).
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Data Quality

Enables Business Users"...gives the Sales and Marketing team at BP Solar the ability to monitor the quality of their application data. The dashboard capability gives them a visual representation of how the application data looks after it enters Salesforce. This gives them the ownership and management of their own sales and marketing data without intervention of an IT person. From a technical side, the setup of the tool is quick and easy and that enables the business team to be up and running quickly."
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