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A.W. Hastings

A.W. Hastings

A.W. Hastings

A.W. Hastings & Co. is a distributor of Marvin and Integrity Windows and Doors, supporting independent retail dealers and industry professionals throughout the Northeast United States.

“If it wasn’t for Informatica Cloud Services, A.W. Hastings would not have been able to achieve the necessary integration with salesforce.com. Informatica delivered the self-service data integration our organization needs to improve decision making and build prosperous customer relationships. Just as important, Informatica gave us the ability to envision any data solution – and that is a powerful tool for our business.”

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  • Hastings needed to coordinate order closing and processing across lead & opportunities
  • Required more complex joins between multiple child & single parent objects in Salesforce
  • Needed to track lead source, closing and revenue when updating the Salesforce Partner Portal used by downstream Hastings partners


  • Implemented Informatica Cloud for data replication as a service
  • Went live in 1 hour with reports on Salesforce data that they couldn't get before
  • Using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services for on-premise business intelligence


  • Have intelligence on lead channels that they couldn’t get before due to limitation in Salesforce reporting
  • Fully automated solution operates on predefined schedule as a ‘set and forget’ solution
  • No staff required and no ongoing maintenance

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