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BAX Global

BAX Global

BAX Global

BAX Global offers multi-modal freight forwarding to business-to-business shippers worldwide, through a global network of 500 offices in 124 countries. Over 155 BAX offices are located right here in the U.S. Serving over 800,000 customers, the company's transportation system includes an integrated mix of aircraft and trucks, which offer expedited delivery to every important business center in the North America. Ocean services are also available anywhere in the world.


  • Sales reps have thousands of accounts to manage making it difficult to identify critical accounts
  • Handcoded integration plus Apex DataLoader is costly and time consuming to manage and enhance
  • Need accurate real time data at Point of Sale to optimize sales rep productivity


  • Implemented Informatica Cloud Services
  • Order data moved from data warehouse into Salesforce to drive alerts for accounts with big gains or decreases
  • Salesforce Admin and IT both using On Demand services to meet their unique needs


  • Reps now have real time customer order data to target accounts needing attention
  • Salesforce Admin is able to manage integration process without needing IT support
  • On Demand services run on automated schedule saving significant time in redundant work for Admin and IT

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