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Papaellinas Gains Insight into Their Retail Stores



Founded in 1930, C.A.Papaellinas & Co Ltd has since been established as one of the leading and most reputable Distribution companies in Cyprus. Since 2000, the company has been transformed into a Customer Service Oriented Distribution Company. It is currently one of the leading and most reputable distribution companies in Cyprus and its customers are retail stores.

“By using Informatica Cloud, we have been able to expedite our Salesforce CRM integration with our on-premise system and gain insight our business.” -Stefanos Christodoulou, IT Officer, Papaellinas


  • Papaellinas’ Marketing team wanted to adopt Salesforce to keep track of customer activity
  • Their SQL database is their customer master, so customer information captured in Salesforce – loyalty points, sales, prices, employees - needed to be synchronized with their SQL database to gain a single view of their customer
  • Additionally, reporting is done in their SQL database so data needed to exported from Salesforce


  • Before deploying Salesforce, they knew integration was a must-have, not a nice-to-have
  • Needed an out-of-the-box integration solution that could be deployed quickly
  • Preferred to do a manual integration, but wanted the flexibility of scheduling if their needs changed


  • Informatica Cloud was the “perfect solution for us” and took less than two weeks to get up-and-running
  • Gained insight into how each retail store was performing to optimize product distribution