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Solutions For Marketing & Sales Operations Increase CRM Adoption

Increase Your CRM Adoption

Get the Right Information Where and When Users Need It

Increase Your CRM Adoption

Integrate Your Data with Salesforce1 and others to Build Trust and Drive CRM Adoption

"Bringing data in a summarized format into Salesforce® from our backend systems has been absolutely critical in driving CRM adoption."

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Struggling with CRM adoption?

CRM adoption is a problem many businesses face. Choosing to invest in a solution that will better track and manage your interactions with customers seems like an obvious investment, but how do you justify the cost of a solution such as Salesforce1 that your Sales, Marketing or Services teams are not using?

Often the CRM adoption problem isn’t due to a lack of features. For example, a powerful solution like Salesforce1 is more than just a CRM system. Instead, the problem often lies with the insufficient integration of the CRM data with the underlying application.

Inaccurate CRM data entry and an inability to find the correct records can result in a fragmented, inconsistent, and often duplicated view of customers, which in turn, causes users to turn to more siloed ways of managing their customer data. To restore trust in your CRM application and increase CRM adoption, you need to restore users’ trust in the data.

Informatica Cloud Data Management for CRM Adoption

Informatica Cloud offers a comprehensive and extensible suite of cloud integration and data quality solutions that automates the cleansing, integration, and consolidation of data from external systems to provide a single, trusted view of your customers and increase CRM adoption of Salesforce1 and other solutions.

Easy-to-Use Cloud Data Integration Applications

Informatica Cloud delivers purpose-built cloud data integration applications that allow all users, both technical and non-technical, to integrate data across cloud-based applications, on-premise systems, and databases. Informatica Cloud addresses specific business processes (customer/product master synchronization, opportunity-to-order, etc.) and point-to-point data integration requirements (e.g., Salesforce1 to on-premise or cloud-to-cloud applications) to improve CRM adoption.
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Address and Contact Validation

Informatica Cloud Contact Validation verifies and corrects postal addresses from over 240 countries and territories. It also incorporates email validation and can check phone numbers against the National Do Not Call Registry in the United States. By standardizing data, users can trust that it is valid and actionable, which results in higher CRM adoption.
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Cloud Master Data Management

Increase the value of your Salesforce1 CRM investment with better lead conversion, customer targeting, cross-sell outcomes, and CRM adoption. Informatica Cloud MDM is a native Salesforce1 solution, which is fully integrated with Salesforce.com and deployed in the cloud. It does not require installation of additional hardware or software.
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