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Why Informatica Cloud?

True SaaS, Purpose-Built, Powerful, Proven Integration

Why Informatica Cloud

True SaaS, Purpose-Built, Powerful, Proven Integration

True data integration as a service solutions should extend the major advantages of cloud computing to data integration:

  • Pay as you go and pay for only what you use—pricing is flexible and affordable.
  • Get up and running quickly to deliver value to the business faster.
  • Eliminate costs associated with buying and maintaining hardware and software.

Data integration as a service solutions must also be robust and flexible. Whether you're moving data into or out of the cloud, or managing data within the cloud, the solution your company chooses should give you the greatest flexibility for accessing, integrating, and trusting all of your data assets. With over 15 years of experience delivering data integration solutions across a broad range of platforms and industries, to companies of all sizes, Informatica understands data integration. Informatica enables organizations to reduce IT costs and gain a competitive advantage in today's global information economy by empowering them to access, integrate and trust all their information assets.

True SaaS Data Integration

With Informatica Cloud Services, you can immediately sign up for a 30 day trial. And if you're a salesforce.com customer you can get started online directly from the Force.com AppExchange. Built from the ground up to be a multitentant data integration service, with Informatica Cloud Services you'll quickly and cost-effectively be up and running in a few clicks and benefit from seamless upgrades. Informatica Cloud has been recognized as the Best Data Integration Application on the Salesforce.com AppExchange three years in a row. Over 1000 companies are now using the multitenant data integration Cloud Services every day to integrate millions of records, run thousands of jobs...and ultimately to get more value from their cloud and on-premise applications, databases and files.

Purpose-Built Integration Cloud Services

Informatica delivers a set of focused services that address the primary SaaS application integration challenges (customer/product master synch, data replication, migration, etc.). These data integration Cloud Services are designed to allow non-technical users to have an easy to use, yet powerful interface for accessing, integrating, monitoring, and scheduling trusted information.

Powerful Integration Cloud Platform

The Informatica Cloud Platform allows the +50K Informatica developers and +400 partners to build complex integrations and run them as custom Informatica Cloud Services. Taking advantage of market-leading data integration technology, Informatica balances business self-service with IT control. Be sure to visit the Informatica Marketplace to check out our library of pre-packaged Informatica Cloud end-points and plug-ins.

Proven Customer Success

Moving millions of records between systems and running thousands of jobs every day, Informatica Cloud has established a proven track record of customer success. Customers that rely on Informatica for data integration as a cloud-based service include: HCA, Janus Funds, AAA, Anderson Windows, AW Hastings, ADP Dealer Services, Millennium Pharmaceutical, BAX Global, Genentech. But don't take our word for it - check out these 5 star AppExchange reviews for Informatica Cloud.