Free 60-day Informatica Cloud Trial for Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is a powerful, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud. Informatica Cloud enables rapid data loading and synchronization natively into Amazon Redshift from multiple cloud and on-premise data sources including Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon RDS.

Getting Started with Informatica Cloud and Amazon Redshift

Starting out with Informatica Cloud is easy. Once you finish registration and create your login details, download and install the Vibe ™ Secure Agent on an Amazon EC2 virtual machine or on an on-premise Windows or Linux server.

Configuring Your Account

To start using the Informatica Cloud connector for Amazon Redshift, create a connection to your Amazon Redshift cluster by providing your login credentials, specifying your cluster details, and obtaining your JDBC URL string. You can then create connections to more than 50+ cloud, or on-premise applications and databases. You are now ready to begin moving data to and from Amazon Redshift.

Uploading Data

Informatica Cloud provides a simple six-step wizard to load data into Amazon Redshift. It provides powerful transformation capabilities in an easy to use interface, and it also has the scalability to load millions of records into Amazon Redshift. Once your data is in Amazon Redshift, you can carry out analytics projects leveraging a variety of Amazon Redshift business intelligence partners such as Birst, Tableau, MicroStrategy and others.