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Products & Services Data Quality & Master Data Management

Cloud Data Quality & Master Data Management

Improve operations and decisions with consolidated and reliable data.

Cloud Data Quality &
Master Data Management

With the explosive growth of data in cloud-based applications and platforms, organizations of all sizes must have a strategy to achieve a single customer view in order to stay a step ahead of the competition. Informatica Cloud delivers a set of focused cloud services that address the primary cloud data quality and master data management (MDM) challenges.

Automate CRM data cleansing, validation and consolidation of data from external systems and multiple Salesforce orgs. Validate and correct postal addresses in batch and real-time with automated address and email validation services. Build data quality rules into your cloud integration processes with pre-packaged templates.

Unlock the potential of your cloud investments by ensuring you are always working with the right data at the right time.

Salesforce Data Cleanse, De-dupe, Consolidate, Relate

Accounts, contacts and opportunities residing within a single Salesforce instance or across multiple Salesforce orgs are matched and consolidated to build the complete and authoritative view of customer, providing sales, marketing and service staff the information needed to give each customer the best experience and maximize team productivity. Interactive duplicate check controls seamlessly integrated with the Salesforce user interface proactively prevent duplicate data from being entered into Salesforce.

Salesforce Multi-Org Consolidation

There are many reasons for organizations to have multiple instances of Salesforce. You may have very different product lines, brands and/or go to market strategies. Whatever the case may be, it is critical that you’re able to access, analyze and share timely, relevant and trustworthy data across disparate applications

Salesforce Data Quality Assessment

Informatica Cloud allows you to measure and monitor data quality in the Lead, Opportunity, Contact, and Account objects within Salesforce CRM. Data quality dashboards allow you to quickly identify duplicate, incomplete & inconsistent data, and automated scheduling allows you to easily monitor and maintain ongoing data integrity.

Contact and Address Validation

Informatica Cloud Address and Contact Validation verifies and corrects postal addresses from over 240 countries and territories - in real-time or batch. Informatica Cloud Contact Validation also incorporates email validation and can check phone numbers against the National Do Not Call Registry in the United States.

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