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Master Data Management and Sandbox Management for Salesforce

Become a data believer. Join the thousands of Informatica Cloud customers that trust in our industry-leading data management tools to gain a cleaner, more secure and complete view of their Salesforce data.

Increase Salesforce Adoption and Marketing ROI

Take the human error out of Salesforce use and adoption by automating data best practices. Informatica Cloud's Integrated Data Quality solutions benefit sales, marketing and customer services by ensuring each is always working with the most accurate and up-to-date version of the truth. Enforce customer and sales best practices through the duplicate protection layer and forced fuzzy search on Account/Lead/Contact creation. Generate better marketing ROI by validating contact and address information. Provide better tracking of Lead and Opportunity influence through Advanced Lead Conversion. And, ultimately, provide sales with more accurate forecasting through batch duplicate removal.


Optimize Your Salesforce Sandboxes and Testing Efforts

Customize Salesforce with the confidence that comes from effective testing based on reliable and secure test data. With Informatica Cloud Test Data Management, sandboxes can automatically be provisioned with the right test data at the right time, freeing developers to spend more time innovating. With Data Subsetting, there is no need to worry about the storage limits and broken relationships associated with Developer/Pro sandboxes. Now you can easily push the subset of related data needed and preserve its referential integrity. With Data Masking, you can mask the sensitive data in your sandboxes eliminating the risk of exposure and non-compliance. Realistic and high quality test data for better development, testing, and training experiences.

Cloud Test Data Management

The Next Level of Customer Single View and White Space Analysis

Informatica Cloud MDM for Salesforce provides visibility into back-office systems and other Salesforce Orgs through prioritized Fuzzy Matching and Consolidation. Multidimensional Hierarchies enable you to see the complete story for every customer through easy to navigate visualizations of different hierarchy types. Relate global accounts with their subsidiaries rolled up to the ultimate parent. And with the ability to see all Contact, Lead and Opportunity objects across the entire account hierarchy (including subsidiaries), marketing and sales can track campaign influence or, through white space analysis, identify cross- and up-sell opportunities across the entire company.

Cloud Master Data Management