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Cloud Application Integration

Enable business processes spanning different cloud and on-premises applications by integrating live operational data in real time. Deliver business data in context to the right user, at the right time across any device and make your business more agile and efficient.

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Driving Business Success with Real Time Data

The advent of cloud and mobile computing has dramatically changed the expectations for what business speed is acceptable. We want instant response on a product availability inquiry and we want our support calls resolved in minutes, not hours. But how do we transform our businesses into real time enterprises, without additional IT complexity or overhead?

Informatica Cloud's application integration tools leverage real time APIs to create business processes that drive business efficiency and improve user effectiveness – all without writing a single line of code.

So whether you need rate quotes from a cloud application, inventory data from your existing ERP, or email addresses from 3rd-party providers, Informatica Cloud makes it easy and in real time.

Cloud Process Designer — Clicks Not Code

Citizen integrators use the Informatica Cloud process designer to visually create real time application integration processes. They simply point and click to quickly create business process flows that are accessible from any device without the need for time-consuming and expensive manual coding.

It's easy to combine real time data from cloud applications such as Salesforce or Workday, with on-premises data sources like Oracle or SAP, even if they reside behind corporate firewalls.

Rapidly deliver new processes such as opportunity to order, discount approval, service call routing, quote generation, or new hire onboarding, with data that is always available and instantly updateable.

Cloud Process Designer — Clicks Not Code

Mobile Process Applications — Running Your Business From Your Phone

From onboarding and inspections to inventory and recruiting, companies are using smart phones and tablets to improve employee productivity.

Now you can connect employees to your business processes easier than ever before with mobile process apps, all built with the power of Informatica Cloud.

With Informatica Cloud process applications, your customers, partners or employees can access intuitive process workflows from any device.

Mobile process applications natively support leading mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Salesforce 1 and any device supporting HTML 5.

Mobile Process Applications — Running Your Business From Your Phone app-store Google Play

Screen Flow for Salesforce — Improving Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud User Productivity

Streamline your critical Salesforce processes and increase your end-user productivity. Informatica Cloud's process wizards provide real time access to data, even if it doesn't reside in your current Salesforce instance.

Salesforce users follow intuitive process wizards that automate tasks without the need to open multiple tabs or cut and paste information from different applications, reducing manual data entry errors and improving user productivity.

Your resulting Salesforce data will be more accurate, your Service Cloud implementation more efficient and marketing analytics reports more insightful.

Salesforce Plug-in — Improving Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud User Productivity

Process Automation — Real Time Integration Workflows

Important business activities such as discount approval, order to cash or service call resolution seldom exist as isolated and discrete tasks. Instead they're complex business processes that take days or weeks to complete and involve many interactions between real time application data and human workflows.

Unlike traditional ESB-based solutions, Informatica Cloud's stateful process automation manages the context and business process for you, making it easier to define and deploy sophisticated business processes that give you a competitive advantage.

Now you can spend more time innovating your business, rather than implementing commodity plumbing.

Process Automation — Real Time Integration Workflows