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April 2011

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5 Ways IT Can Establish Cloud Control
How do IT organizations get involved in the inevitable shift to cloud computing without being perceived as a gate-keeper or even worse, a roadblock? Here are five suggestions.
Cloud Computing: How to Get Your Business Ready
Cloud computing is taking off on a massive scale, so what should companies look out for as they move their information technology into the cloud?
What’s Next for Cloud Data Integration?
Juan Carlos Soto talks about Informatica’s three-pronged cloud data integration strategy.
Forrester: 6 Categories SaaS Will Impact the Most
CIO.com recently featured a summary of Forrester Research analyst Liz Herbert on how SaaS will impact 6 key software categories.
What to Look for When Evaluating Integration-as-a-Service Solutions
What do you look for when it’s time to evaluate a SaaS data integration solution in the context of cloud computing, and within the context of your architecture?
Best Practices: SaaS-to-Enterprise Integration
SaaS-to-enterprise integration options include the direct migration of information from source to target, or the use of a staging area to process information more thoroughly from source to target.
What's Next for Cloud Data Integration?
Juan Carlos Soto, SVP and GM, Informatica Cloud shares his perspective on Informatica Cloud's three pronged growth strategy including: the Platform for Hybrid IT, Cloud Services for All and Informatica Inside.
CIO's Driving More Business Value Today
Tony Young, Informatica CIO, shares his view how IT organizations can contribute significantly to bottom line business benefits.
Informatica Cloud Embeds Zuora Into New Express Edition for Salesforce
Hear how subscription-based billing is now available for the popular Data Loader Service.  
Informatica Cloud Self-Paced Training Index
Follow the self-paced training outline and complete all steps or select only the training topics that are of interest, or relevant to your business needs.
Setting up Database Connections in Informatica Cloud
Instructional videos on setting up various database connection types in Informatica Cloud.
How to Subscribe to Informatica Cloud Express
Here are 6 steps to getting started with Informatica Cloud Express, which is an upgrade to Informatica's extremely popular Data Loader for Salesforce.
Customer Success
getco Cloud Integration is Low Risk and Low Cost!
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toshiba Toshiba deploys cloud data integration in one day to deliver vital sales and customer support applications, boost revenues, and optimize productivity.
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bay&bay Bay & Bay Transportation anticipates 900 percent return on Informatica Cloud investment.
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